Sunday, July 3, 2011

The best Lube for male masturbation

Up until just last year I had never used anything to masturbate with. That is until a buddy of mine accused me of abusing my penis! I dismissed it at first and figured I was 37 years old and I was doing just fine on my own. Then I got to thinking about it and so I tried everything from baby oil, to Vaseline, hand lotion--even regular sexual lube that my wife bought me. My world suddenly changed! Now there are many things a man can use to rub one out with (ie, the fore mentioned products); however a man can't use just anything, and your typical drugstore personal lubricant isn't meant for the fast and furious friction that a man bears upon his penis! OH no--- a man needs something that will last, and only an oil based or lipid based lube will stand up to the rigors of masturbation. The reason is silicone and water based (while condom friendly) need to be reapplied every few minutes in order to maintain their slickness, and often they end up tacky and sticky. Now KY has introduced their line of men's and woman's lube called KY Intense(TM). The men's is cooling and the women's is warming and when used together produce a rather interesting sensation--again however they are both silicone based--which means not meant for the marathon masturbator. There are however products specifically for male masturbation. To name a few: Jack jelly, Stroke 29, gun oil, men's cream, First hand, boy butter, slap happy, and Masterjack Gentleman's Massage Lotion. I am only familiar with some of these however they all have the same general theme. Stroke 29 for instance changes consistency(supposedly) around the 29th stroke, Gun oil is again a silicone based lube, and all the others are an oil based. Now people have suggested using your own spit(come on really--my mouth would dry out after 5 minutes!) Shampoo(not recommended) and vegetable oil (not a bad substitute in a pinch). My suggestion is get a real lube just for men! There are many to choose from; however masterjack gentleman's massage lotion is by far my favorite! If you have been a life long dry-stroker I invite you into the world of gentleman's lube! I guarantee you won't be disappointed; in fact you will wonder how and why you went without for so many years. Gentleman's Lubes will greatly enhance your self gratification experience like you won't believe! Try one today! For my favorite got to!


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