Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not all Lubes are created Equal!

Like many of you out there I have tried a variety of lubricants over my life time. Truth be told your average sex lubes pretty much all do the same thing and work in similar fashion. 95 percent of lubricants on the shelves are purchased by women-for women, to help them with vaginal dryness and to obviously reduce friction. The other 5 percent is purchased for personal pleasure and foreplay. This being said not all personal lubricants are created equal.

If your not already familiar with the various types of personal lubricants, there are typically 3 different types; they are silicone based, water based, and oil based. Silicone based lubricants have become the most popular because they tend to last longer than water based lubricants. Silicone is a synthetic substance that wont absorb into the skin and the lubricants are typically comprised of several ingredients. The main complaint however is that silicone gets sticky, tacky, and can be difficult to clean up--and even though they tend to last longer than water based lubricants--the longevity is still is not that great, reapplications are necessary throughout the course of foreplay or intercourse. Many silicone based lubricants may not be compatible with condoms or silicone based toys.

Water based lubricant are mainly comprised of water soluble ingredients and therefore most compatible with toys and condoms. They clean up easy, but don't last very long at all. If you have ever used a water based lubricant then you know that reapplication becomes annoying during sex. Like silicone based lubricants the taste is less than desirable! In addition once they dry out they tend to leave behind a sticky residue. Unless your allergic to silicone or oil based lubricants my recommendation is to avoid water based lubricants for sexual play--they will just end up annoying you!

Oil based lubricants are the most popular between couples that are not restricted to the use of condoms. Oil based products are not compatible with condoms because the oils will begin to break down the material in the condom almost immediately. The downside to some oil based lubricants is that they contain petroleum or mineral oil byproducts--which can be difficult to clean up. The benefit of oil based lubricants is that they last a long time and many do not contain paraben, glycerin, or propylene glycol.  Paraben is a class of chemicals used as preservatives in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical  industry. Propylene glycol is used in a variety of applications from cryogenics to cooling systems, to de-icing aircrafts! Glycerin is widely used in pharmaceutical formulations and is more or less a form of manufactured "sugar" added to personal lubricants to improve smoothness--it can however cause yeast infections in women. Any or All three of these ingredients are found in water based and silicone based lubricants.

Masterjack Gentleman's Massage Lotion is an oil based lotion that does not contain petroleum or mineral oil products, and is paraben, glycerin and propylene glycol FREE! This lotion, while used primarily for male masturbation, is a great anal lube and vaginal lube. It's 100% all natural ingredients condition the sensitive areas and because of its unique formulation, this product outlasts other oil based lubricants! It is classified as a lotion because we feel to classify it as a lubricant will undermine its wonderful properties. While it does make an incredible lubricant for sex and foreplay, it is so much more! Get yours today at 

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